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Antoinette Fusillo Unveils Bespoke Elegance for Radiant Bride, Raneen

Nestled within the distinguished Carlton Atelier, Antoinette Fusillo, a maestro of modern allure with a touch of timeless grace, unveils a bespoke masterpiece for the radiant bride, Raneen.

Photo 2-3-2024, 5 12 05 pm.jpg

The bridal canvas, a custom couture wedding gown that transcends conventions, harmonizing contemporary aesthetics with classic elegance. This ball gown, an opulent dance of modernity and tradition, is a testament to the artistry that breathes life into our atelier.


The neckline, an asymmetric sweetheart draped with finesse, gently twists around Raneen's bodice before cascading into the extravagant ball gown. An ethereal play of fabric that captures the essence of her individuality, a silhouette that mirrors the bride's own unique journey.

Crafted meticulously from the finest organza, the fabric becomes a canvas for light, reflecting and dancing with each movement. It molds to Raneen's form, a seamless union of structure and fluidity for the contemporary bride who seeks both poise and allure.

A subtle touch of sensuality graces the gown with a graduated split, a hidden revelation that adds a whisper of movement as Raneen glides through her special day. An intimate detail, seen only when in motion, reflecting the delicate balance of sensuality and elegance.

The back of the gown, a symphony of fabric-covered buttons, traces the contours of Raneen's spine, an ode to the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that defines this couture creation.

Raneen's journey, an unfolding tale of dreams and aspirations, came to life within the walls of our atelier. Fittings became a surreal dance of anticipation, witnessing the metamorphosis of a custom wedding dress into a tangible representation of her vision.

Photo 2-3-2024, 5 11 48 pm.jpg

The final fitting, an enchanting culmination, marked not just the completion of a gown but the creation of a lasting bond between designer and bride. Raneen, a vision in white with the sweetest soul, radiated elegance on her special day, embodying the harmonious blend of artistry and emotion.

Raneen's bespoke gown stands as a testament to the timeless connection between craftsmanship and love. An article etched in the artistry of Antoinette Fusillo, a narrative of Raneen's personal journey translated into a wearable masterpiece that will forever be a cherished chapter in the tapestry of her life.


"My day was magical and my gown was absolutely perfect. I was in love and so was everyone else. I lost count the number of times people asked who designed it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so wonderful and part of this special journey with me. Thank you times a million!" Raneen

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