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style, a poetic celebration of the delicate equilibrium between femininity and strength, a reverent homage to love in its myriad forms.

A collection that takes its name from the French word for heart, resonating with an undercurrent of romance that courses through each masterpiece.

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Antoinette Fusillo's designs emanate from a deep wellspring of European inspiration, a foundation for this remarkable collection. Her

creations seamlessly fuse tradition with innovation, and her profound European sensibility infuses each piece. Le Coeur epitomizes her signature

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tradition of Europe's most illustrious Ateliers, AF Atelier stands as a bastion of savoir-faire and the ever-evolving essence of couture. Each piece within this collection bears witness to meticulous craftsmanship, from the graceful drapery to the hand-sewn appliqué and structured silhouettes, striking the perfect balance between opulence and modern allure.

As you step into the world of Le Coeur, you are transported into a realm of unparalleled extravagance. Gowns envelop you in opulence, their flowing trains echoing your every movement, adorned with intricate, luxurious lace that embodies timeless elegance. The sweetheart neckline reveals the décolletage, a glimpse into the heart, while strategically placed splits infuse an element of sensuous allure, symbolizing the passion woven into each masterpiece.


n the

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with the iconic Eiffel Tower gracing its skyline, serves as an enchanting backdrop to this collection. Picture bridal white against this unparalleled setting, a symphony of love, art, and architectural grandeur. Our celebrated photo shoots at the Hotel Alfred Sommier, an epitome of European architecture, further elevate the experience, providing the perfect stage for our exquisite gowns.

Antoinette Fusillo designs for those with a discerning appreciation of beauty, capturing the very essence of femininity. Le Coeur transcends being merely a collection; it is a lyrical expression of love, a manifestation of Antoinette's deep European roots, and an unwavering commitment to celebrating the myriad facets of love through the art of couture. Immerse yourself in the heart of European creativity and embark on a journey towards everlasting love with Antoinette Fusillo.




whispers of elegance......

   n the hallowed halls of couture, Antoinette Fusillo's Seraphine gown is a whispered sonnet, an ethereal tale spun within the Le Coeur collection. Picture a moonlit soirée where the delicate dance of tradition and innovation takes center stage. Crafted from a resplendent silk mikado base and graced with premium corded French lace from the venerable Sophie Hallette, Seraphine is a harmonious symphony of femininity. A corseted silhouette seamlessly blending with covered buttons and loops for an impeccable couture finish. The lace edge, akin to a fleeting whisper, traces a slim, tapered silhouette, embracing every contour with grace. Trailing lace appliqué on the overskirt becomes a poetic compliment, an echo of timeless elegance in each step taken.




a ballet of timeless beauty......

   nes is a symphony of timeless elegance, a sculpted masterpiece that dances gracefully between structured poise and ethereal beauty. This strapless Ilene gown, with its meticulously molded draped bustier, unfolds like a graceful masterpiece. The scooped peaked neckline accentuates a slimline silhouette cascading into a lavish train adorned with a dramatic bow—an exquisite finale to an opulent performance. Crafted entirely from silk mikado, Ines epitomizes refined beauty, a harmonious ode to the seamless integration of opulence and modern allure within the Le Coeur collection.