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antoinette fusillo



Antoinette's creations support and celebrate. They transcend trends to become pieces to be cherished everlastingly.

"Pinned with care, threaded with patience and finished with love. From first sketch to last stitch, Antoinette Fusillo’s bespoke approach to design embodies the love it celebrates."


Antoinette Fusillo extended her European adventure after being captivated by couture and the arts in Paris, but would ultimately return to Melbourne to launch her eponymous label in 2009.

Antoinette’s bespoke approach marries traditional and contemporary influences to create exclusive one-off gowns. Like the love they celebrate, AF pieces are completely unique and made to be treasured.

Antoinette’s innate ability to design descends from the atelier experience running through her bloodline.  Her father, a tailor who learnt his trade at a young age in Italy under a master tailor, and her mother, a head seamstress and pattern-maker of a fashion house in her teenage years in the south of Italy, provided fertile ground for Antoinette’s aptitude for creation and development.



Formal training at RMIT University’s prestigious fashion and textiles faculty, where Antoinette would complete her honours degree, prefaced a long career at Mariana Hardwick, one of Australia’s leading designers of bridal couture.

Antoinette Fusillo is a brand with a strong European sensibility and signature aesthetic. AF explores the beauty defined by femininity and strength, in equal balance, to celebrate and support love in all its forms.




An Atelier with rich European roots meets purely Australia made. Antoinette Fusillo's Atelier offers an unparalleled bespoke service. Antionette will collaborate with you to create an exclusive one-off gown; the ultimate personal statement & expression of your own identity. 

Antoinette designs for women who appreciate beauty. Her signature style, which is unashamedly feminine, encapsulates quality pieces of timeless sophistication. The made-to-measure approach fuses tradition with innovation to reimagine the boundaries of bridal fashion

The proud and uncompromising  designs are meticulously hand detailed in the finest fabrics. Each piece is handmade locally and ethically produced in Australia.



As true engineers of dress, the AF team are dedicated to creating artfully inspired pieces that are as individual as you. The team are specialists in their craft, fueled by desire to create and innovate. They explore traditional and unorthodox techniques acquired through their wealth of knowledge and industry experience.

The AF Atelier redefines couture landscapes to create statement pieces that communicate a sense of self-expression, innovation, and beauty. Mirrored on the luxury Ateliers of Europe, AF Atelier couples a sense of savoir-faire with constant reinvention-the hallmarks of true couture.

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