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The Blooming is the artistic manifestation of love's first encounters. Audacious in nature, the initial moments of true love are unrestrained. In this collection, generously free flowing fabrics spill to create diaphanous shapes, adding drama and excess in form. An ode to Dior-esque silhouettes, the extravagance of exaggerated lines elevate the garments to exquisite pieces of Haute Couture mastery. Unabashed in its feminine aesthetic, The Blooming compliments and.......

.......celebrates the female in all her beauty. The sculptural draping is dream-like, conveying a sense of ethereality and otherworldliness. Unfolding cascades of fabric mimic a love that knows no bounds. Silk Mikado, silk organza jacquard and silk satin organza create a palette of texture that adds depth to an already infinite pool of tenderness. Tones of white and gold take The Blooming to celestial heights for moments to be shared with the stars.




Garner attention in Le Tailleur, a collection of unapologetically feminine garments that flirt with strong design elements and soft tailoring. Inspired by the enchanting icons of the silver screen, the garments transcend time to become pieces to be cherished and enjoyed for decades to come. Like the coquettish Rita Hayworth, the ethereal Grace Kelly, and the mysterious Veronica Lake, the collection allows the wearer to saunter effortlessly with billowing fabrics and cascading silks empowering the female form. 


The modern couture process takes 1930s draping to contemporary heights with fluid lines and exquisite cuts for the present day woman.

Le Tailleur serves as a love letter to a bygone era, a reimagining of modern day glamour. Drawing on Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Le Smoking tuxedo suit, the first of its kind in women’s evening wear, dusty lilacs are toughened with bold blacks to showcase the strength in softness. Fusing the tenderness of drape with the intricacy of lace, Le Tailleur is the epitome of the Antoinette Fusillo design aesthetic.

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