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Maree's Modern Love Affair Unveiled in Bespoke Italian Splendor

In the heart of a picturesque Italian celebration, we found ourselves immersed in the ethereal beauty of Maree's modern love affair. A divine spectacle unfolded beneath the radiant Italian sun, as the enchanting Maree, adorned in a bespoke Antoinette Fusillo creation, graced the streets in a celebration of love and sartorial excellence.


Maree, our radiant bride, stepped into the realm of bespoke luxury with a custom-made Antoinette Fusillo wedding gown—a masterpiece meticulously crafted in our Carlton atelier. From the inception of the design to the finishing touches in the workroom, every stitch and fold narrated a love story woven into the fabric, a narrative that would unfold in the enchanting landscapes of Italy.

The Antoinette signature drape took center stage, an embodiment of couture elegance and the focal point of Maree's gown. The timeless silhouette featured a sweetheart neckline with supportive straps, providing structure to a fitted bodice that seamlessly flowed into an extravagant train. A draped piece cascaded off her shoulder, a nod to the timeless allure of old Hollywood, encapsulating simplicity at its finest for our modern Italian bride.

"Antoinette and her team made me feel like an absolute goddess on my special day. The level of precision and detail was amazing. The draping across the bodice of the gown as well as the internal corset accentuated my body and made me feel my best self!"

Maree's testimony echoes the sentiment of a goddess on her special day, a sentiment brought to life by the precision and detail imbued in every inch of the gown. The draping across the bodice, coupled with an internal corset, accentuated her silhouette, ensuring she felt her absolute best. The journey from the initial sketch to the final fitting was not just a process but a transformative experience, guided by the hands of Antoinette and her dedicated team.


The allure of Maree's celebration extended beyond the gown; it was the culmination of a seamless journey orchestrated by the skilled hands of the Antoinette Fusillo team. From the bustling Carlton atelier to the radiant streets of Italy, the craftsmanship and attention to detail became the foundation of Maree's most cherished memories.

As Maree emerged from the chapel, husband and wife, the streets erupted in a symphony of music, celebration, and a burst of colors, echoing the vibrancy of their love. Our hearts overflowed with joy, having witnessed the culmination of a love story translated into a sartorial masterpiece.

Maree's favorite moment, not without bias, encapsulates the essence of the day—the entire experience was the highlight of a lifetime. The overseas nuptials, draped in stress, found solace in the calming presence of Antoinette. From dawn to dusk, the designer stood by Maree's side, transforming the stressful into the serene and creating memories that will forever be etched in the fabric of time.

"I've never felt more beautiful in anything but this dress. Antoinette and her team made my dream dress a reality and I can't thank them enough....


My favourite moment of the day... not to be biased was the whole thing. It simply is the best day of you life. However, one special moment in particular was having Antoinette there by my side from start to finish. Getting married overseas was stressful, but having her there to dress me and help me throughout the day and night was definitely a highlight."


In Maree's testimony, the echo of Antoinette's professionalism, ease, and unparalleled craftsmanship resonates—a sentiment that transcends the dress and becomes a cherished part of the bride's journey. From sketch to fitting, Maree's narrative embodies the harmonious blend of luxury, sophistication, and the unwavering support of the Antoinette Fusillo team—a celebration of love, meticulously crafted for a modern Italian bride.

"I can't recommend Antoinette and her team enough. From the very first sketch to the last fitting the whole process was easy, professional and calming. Their level of detail and craftsmanship is beyond and the fittings are a memory I'll forever cherish." - Maree

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