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Lia's Bespoke Antoinette Fusillo Wedding Gown

A picturesque tale of love and romance as we unveil the enchanting story of Lia's custom-made wedding gown by renowned designer Antoinette Fusillo. Against the backdrop of Australia's summer, Lia sought a dress that would effortlessly complement the breathtaking landscape and make her feel truly beautiful.

Lia's wedding gown, fashioned from lustrous Duchess silk satin, epitomizes timeless beauty and thoughtful design. The luxuriously draped bodice, expertly crafted with meticulous artistry, cascades into a full skirt, mirroring the graceful flow of the verdant greenery.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the gown boasts a highly structured internal bodice, ensuring a perfect fit and enhancing Lia's elegance. Silk-covered buttons and handmade loops adorn the back, adding a touch of sophistication and completing the premium look of the dress. A captivating side split adds a touch of allure and movement along with its dramatic two-meter train, Lia's gown exudes a sense of grandeur, perfectly befitting the splendor of her special day.


“I felt beautiful, confident and myself. As well as comfortable it felt so special wearing a unique and one of a kind creation that I absolutely adored.”

Romantic whispers on the veil, symbolizing the couple's profound bond, the veil adorning Lia's head is a testament to romance and everlasting love. Delicate embroidery weaves intricate writing, whispering of their special union…..always & forever.


Antoinette went above and beyond, creating a second dress to enhance Lia's celebration. The custom beaded tulle mini dress embodies glamour and sophistication. Its beautifully molded deep V-neckline bodice is adorned with delicate hand-beaded pearl straps, adding a touch of elegance to the ensemble. The deep low scoop back neckline, complete with sheer paneling, exudes modern sensuality.

Perfect for the joyous festivities, this second dress allows Lia to dance and mingle with ease, radiating effortless charm. The intricate beadwork and meticulous craftsmanship reflect Antoinette Fusillo's commitment to creating a truly luxurious bridal party dress, perfectly tailored to Lia's style and vision.

Lia's gown harmonizes elegance and natural beauty, creating a captivating ensemble against Australia's stunning summer backdrop. The lustrous Duchess silk satin, expert draping, and meticulous craftsmanship weave a tale of romance and sophistication. Lia's radiance finds its perfect match in the seamless fusion of nature's splendor and the ethereal allure of her gown. With the addition of the custom beaded tulle mini dress, Lia transitions effortlessly from ceremony to celebration, embodying the essence of glamour and modernity.

Lia's wedding day, adorned in Antoinette Fusillo's creations, becomes a timeless celebration of love and beauty amidst nature's resplendent charm.


“My favourite part of the day was walking down the aisle and locking eyes with my future husband. The initial moment of seeing each other was exciting and emotional. A moment in time I will never forget.”

Photographer: Evia Zachariah

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