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Laura's Bridal Soiree, Crafted by  Antoinette Fusillo.

In the luminous realm of haute couture, where every creation is an ode to elegance and romance, Laura embarked on her bridal odyssey—a luminous tale where love intertwined seamlessly with the threads of a custom couture gown. This masterpiece of artistry and precision serves as a poignant testament to the profound connection and boundless affection shared on their most momentous day.


The design, an ethereal reverie, pays homage to the essence of femininity while enrapturing the timeless allure of vintage Hollywood glamour. It unveils a delicate choreography of drapery, a ballet that sensuously whispers secrets of allure and grace, akin to a symphony of silk Mikado, selected for its regal drape and the ability to sculpt bridal fashion into a true work of art.

Bridal drapery, an art form of its own, delicately reveals the contours of a woman's form with the poise of a prima ballerina. Silk Mikado, chosen for its peerless drape, luxuriously encapsulates the essence of Laura's vision.

This divine garment unveils symmetric splendors, beginning with an opulent scooped sweetheart neckline, its peaks serving as elegant sentinels guarding the majesty within. From these zeniths unfurls a cascade of liquid drapery, tenderly embracing her shoulders, akin to the ethereal muses of vintage Hollywood.

The bodice, a marvel of craftsmanship, intimately traces her silhouette, culminating at her hips before descending into a sumptuous, sweeping train. A beguiling high slit hints at untold allure, revealing a glimpse of her leg—a masterstroke of sensuality. Soft, diaphanous sleeves, sheer as a whisper, expose her luminous skin through a trail of fabric-covered buttons that ascend her arms.

A magnificent, billowing tulle veil bestows a tender caress upon her visage before unfurling behind her, a soft, ephemeral train—pure poetry in motion. Her hair, a symphony of old Hollywood waves, frames her countenance with consummate grace. From crown to sole, every detail resonates with an aura of transcendent perfection.

Their chosen venue, the resplendent Quat Quatta in Melbourne, served as the ideal canvas for Laura's architectural traditionalism, harmonizing with old Hollywood's opulence while embracing a modern, playful spirit. Melbourne's multifaceted settings and atmospheres provided a rich backdrop for the tapestry of their extraordinary union.


Laura's bridal journey, etched in the annals of haute couture, was an opulent symphony of devotion to the artistry of bridal design. Antoinette Fusillo, the visionary behind this enchanting creation, intuitively understood every facet of Laura's dreams, translating them into a realm of opulent luxury and exquisite craftsmanship. It was a celebration of love, fashion, and timeless elegance—an indelible moment woven into every intricate thread of her extraordinary gown.

“When I couldn't find a single dress in store that I felt like a 'bride' in, I went on a search to find the perfect dress maker for me.
After a few second of meeting with Antoinette and 3 interviews later, I knew that Antoinette was the right choice for me.
Antoinette was professional and had a way of sharing her opinion of what would and what would not work for me.
The journey of my gown was single-handedly one of the best decisions that I made for my wedding. Each visit was another chapter with each detail being the best parts of the story.
I felt like an absolute goddess, and whilst I was hesitant at start to invest so much money in a curated dress, I am so thankful that I made the decision that I did.
From the softly playing French music, to the fresh flowers, to the warm welcome and the fabric samples stuck to the scratches, the whole journey is something I would never forget. I miss my weekly visits with Antoinette and just know that I have made a friend for life.
It's so hard to pinpoint my favorite part of the day because there are so many favorites, but if I have to choose one, it would b
e when we did the last button up on the dress which was the last piece of the puzzle for the look I was dreaming about well before my wedding day.
Thank you to Antoinette, you're appreciated” - Laura

Photographer: Ashley K Wedding Photographer

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