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A Breathtaking Fusion of High-End Couture, Luxurious Fabrics & Natural Beauty

Our gorgeous bride Kristy stands as a living embodiment of timeless elegance, draped in the exquisite AF custom couture gown, a bespoke creation meticulously crafted from Silk Mikado. This sumptuous fabric lends an air of pure opulence to her figure-hugging silhouette, accentuating her every curve with an undeniable sense of grandeur.


The gown boasts meticulous princess seam paneling, which gracefully transforms into a regal, cascading train, delivering a truly majestic bridal aesthetic. Its structured fit, akin to a second skin, perfectly sculpts Kristy's form, culminating in a sweetheart neckline that gracefully descends into a slight scooped V-shaped back. Fabric-covered buttons delicately trace this silhouette, ensuring a seamless finish.

Daringly exposed boning graces the corseted bodice, establishing a captivating contrast to the gown's inherent softness while maintaining an unwavering sense of elegance. The gown further enchants with detachable soft tulle sleeves, gently gathered and drapes over the bodice, featuring a mesmerizing trail of fabric-covered buttons that meander at the back. Kristy's veil, crafted from the same soft tulle, adds an ethereal, regal touch, enhancing the gown's personal charm with every graceful movement.

A delicate bow, meticulously fashioned from matching fabric, adorns Kristy's coiffure, imparting an extra touch of femininity and prettiness, effortlessly harmonizing with the gown's timeless and elegant sensuality. Her hair, elegantly swept into a high ponytail, grants center stage to the dress, allowing its intricate back to shine through.

The fusion of Silk Mikado and soft tulle in the gown's fabrication is a match made in bridal heaven. The structured opulence of Silk Mikado effortlessly intertwines with the flowing grace of soft tulle, resulting in a harmonious synergy of textures and movement that transcends the ordinary, making it a quintessential choice for a bride's wedding ensemble.

As the bridal journey unfolds, the serene natural landscape becomes an integral part of Kristy's story. The beauty of the surroundings, kissed by the transition from Australian summer into autumn, provides a picturesque backdrop that perfectly complements the bride's gown. The chosen bouquet, an artful blend of white blossoms with delicate hints of soft purple and yellow, mirrors the gown's gentle elegance. Beneath her soft tulle veil, which dances in the autumn breeze, Kristy radiates a timeless charm, capturing the essence of pure elegance and sophistication.


"I had the most wonderful experience designing my wedding dress with Antoinette and her team. Her warm, kind nature, coupled with her professionalism and talent made it so easy to put my trust in her throughout the process. Nothing ever seemed like too much trouble and she ensured the process was collaborative from beginning to end. One of my favorite moments of my wedding day was walking down the aisle in my dress that was paired with a custom veil and bow- made from the same Silk Mikado as my dress. I could not have asked for a more perfect experience. I hope our paths cross again someday.

Kristy Coleman Rust xx "

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