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A Roman Affair in Antoinette Fusillo Couture

In the heart of Rome, where ancient whispers intertwine with modern love stories, Bianca embarked on a journey that transcended time—a journey into the arms of eternal romance. Her testament to this affair, whispered through the language of couture, unfolded in the creation of a bespoke gown by the visionary Antoinette Fusillo.

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"My dress was everything I imagined!" The simplicity of design, juxtaposed with an undeniable elegance, rendered it the perfect attire for a Roman summer wedding. In the hands of Antoinette and her skilled artisans, Bianca's vision materialized into a masterpiece, a gown that spoke the language of love.

"Simple but elegant, perfect for a Roman summer wedding! I've never had a custom dress made before, so this was very special and I'm so glad Antoinette (and her team) was able to bring my vision to life and provide advice throughout!"

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a golden glow over the cobblestone streets of Rome, Bianca donned her custom Antoinette Fusillo creation—a harmonious blend of sophistication and contemporary allure. The structured silhouette, adorned with a delicate sweetheart neckline, danced with the ethereal embrace of an enchanting long train. Bianca, a vision in opulent minimalism, moved with a grace that transcended the realms of mere mortals.

"I loved it so much I didn't want to take it off at the end of the night even after all the dancing!" The gown, a second skin, bore witness to the euphoria of laughter and the cadence of music echoing through the historic streets of Rome.

The pinnacle of emotion arrived as Bianca and Davide entered the grandeur of Boscolo Circo Massimo. Their chosen songs, a symphony to their love, played softly as they beheld a setting more enchanting than their wildest dreams. Bianca's eyes, reflected in the gleam of her bespoke gown, mirrored the awe of the moment—a moment made eternal by the beauty of love, family, and a carefully crafted couture masterpiece.

Photo 21-11-2023, 10 22 25 am.jpg

"Everything was simple but perfect!" Simple, yet laden with profound elegance, the gown captured the essence of Bianca's sentiment. It was a dreamlike expression of love, a structured silhouette that transcended the constraints of time.

"My favorite moment was when Davide and I entered Boscolo Circo Massimo and our songs played, our faces were speechless when we saw the set up (it was absolutely beautiful and better than we imagined we finally got to hold our son Matteo (after a long day and who'd been waiting to see his mamma & papa) and we danced and sang, everyone was just so happy and joined in! The food was amazing, and my dress was just perfect for the occasion! The photos and video of this moment really speaks for itself!"

In the heart of Rome, where every cobblestone tells a story and every whisper of the wind carries the echoes of history, Bianca's wedding unfolded like a romantic saga. The architectural grandeur of the city, a testament to enduring love, mirrored the sophistication of her gown—a creation that blended seamlessly with the eternal beauty of Rome.

Bianca's words, a poetic ode to her couture journey, encapsulated the essence of a love story told in threads and fabric. Through the lens of Antoinette Fusillo's artistry, Bianca's Roman affair became a chapter in the grand narrative of timeless romance, where each stitch spoke of passion and every fold whispered of love.

Photographer: Close Enough Photography

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