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Antonia's Regal Perfection

The story of Antonia and her custom couture bridal gown by the visionary Antoinette Fusillo unfolds, a tale of love, dedication, passion, and creativity seamlessly interwoven into every stitch.

Photo 2-2-2024, 3 18 19 pm.jpg

From the moment Antonia stepped into Antoinette Fusillo's Carlton atelier, the stage was set for a masterpiece to be born. The gown, an asymmetrical wonder, boasted a sweetheart neckline that whispered of romance and showcased décolletage with unparalleled elegance. Yet, it was the peaked bust that added a structural finesse to the effortlessly draped silhouette. Here, at the neckline's asymmetrical twist, a focal point emerged, drawing the eye and captivating the imagination.

Antoinette Fusillo's signature draping and impeccable craftsmanship were evident in every fold and seam of the gown. As it hugged Antonia's figure, shaping her silhouette before cascading into a playful train, it was clear that this was more than just a dress—it was a work of art, meticulously crafted to perfection.

"I felt like an absolute vision. The detail that went into my dress and overskirt was that of perfection. Every girl dreams of looking and feeling incredible on the wedding day, and Antoinette did just that.”

However, it was the showstopping overskirt that truly stole the spotlight, fulfilling every bride's dream with its layers upon layers of love, sewn into soft ruffles that cascaded in symmetrical perfection. With every movement, the fabric danced, creating a regal spectacle that was nothing short of breathtaking.

The journey from inspiration to realization was as magical as the gown itself. Through the initial  virtual consultation over zoom, Antonia's vision came to life, culminating in the final fitting where every detail was perfected, ensuring that she would be the epitome of bridal elegance on her special day.


“There are too many (favourite moments) One of my favourite moments would have to be at the reception sitting next to my husband at the bridal table, grabbing his hand and taking it all in. That we were surrounded by people we loved and who were there to celebrate our special day. The second, would be a combination of all the 'first looks'. Between family, friends & Nic. It's inexplainable.”

Photo 2-2-2024, 4 10 15 pm.jpg

And so, the day arrived, bathed in the golden light of a Sydney summer. We were privileged to fly out and attend the occasion, assisting our bride. From Antonia's grandmother's home to the solemnity of the church ceremony, and then to the steps of the state library where timeless elegance met contemporary flair, every moment was a testament to the beauty of love and the artistry of couture.


As Antonia glided up the library steps, a vision of grace and sophistication, it was clear that her journey with Antoinette Fusillo had led her to the ultimate expression of bridal perfection. And as the camera captured each breathtaking moment, it was evident that this was not just a wedding—it was a celebration of love, creativity, and the transformative power of couture bridal fashion.

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